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This course will explore SQL as well as other advanced topics, including query optimization, concurrency, data... see more

This course introduces the major concepts of biotechnology. The student will discuss genetic engineering of plants and... see more

This book was written and submitted to the Open Textbook Challenge by Dr. Olivier Bonaventure of the Université... see more

CAD, or computer-aided design, is a powerful modeling tool that technical professionals use. This course will introduce... see more

This course examines the field of developmental biology from its origins to the present day. The course will take a look... see more

This is an online course from The phrase "economic development" generally refers not only to economic growth,... see more

Genetics is the branch of biology that studies the means by which traits are passed on from one generation to the next... see more

This course presents an overview of the body from a systemic perspective. Each unit will focus on one system, or network... see more

In this lab, the student will review the anatomy and histology of the organs by using images of models, microscopic... see more

Immunology is the study of our immune system, a highly sophisticated system that defends us against all disease-causing... see more

This course will touch upon a number of different subfields of biological study within the context of the ocean... see more

This course is designed to provide the student with an overview of neurobiology - the biology of our nervous system, from... see more

This survey course begins with an introduction to and definition of zoology, followed by a look at the history and... see more

This course presents the basics of plant biology. We will begin with plant anatomy, learning the names and functions of... see more

This course will cover the origins of cancer and the genetic and cellular basis for cancer. It will examine the factors... see more

This course presents a detailed overview of the cell's main components and functions. The course is roughly organized... see more

Physiology, the study of the processes of the body, is about the unconscious mechanics of living; the student will look... see more

Though biology as we know it today is a relatively new field, we have been studying living things since the beginning of... see more

This lab course supplements "Introduction to Evolutionary Biology and Ecology". Although it does not replicate a true lab... see more

This course is intended for those interested in understanding and appreciating common biological topics in the study of... see more

This lab course supplements "Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology." Although it does not replicate a true lab... see more

This course will cover a range of diverse areas of microbiology, including virology, bacteriology, and even applied... see more

This course begins with an overview of basic cell structure, followed by an explanation of how single cells come together... see more

After a historical introduction to molecular biology, this course describes the basic types of DNA and RNA structure and... see more