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This is a mobile app for android devices. Do you have a passion for cooking and baking? If so, don’t wait until you are... see more

'Made by Farmers, for Farmers Just sign up at for a free account! No matter if you lose your... see more

'COMMUNITY POWERED WEATHER The new Weather Underground Android app provides the world's most accurate hyper-local weather... see more

'Mix Tank from Precision Laboratories is an iPhone and Android smartphone app designed to assist agricultural applicators... see more

'JDLink™ is John Deere's telematics system designed for customers and managers who desire to take their operation to the... see more

'The Grain Shrinkage Calculator returns the results for the number of bushels after the moisture removal from field to... see more

'The AndMeasure tool allows you to measure distances and calculate area between points on a map. The tool has virtually... see more

'Yara CheckIT is an agricultural smartphone app that gives farmers a photographic library of the crops to allow a simple... see more

'This app is for existing FarmLogic customers only. Not a customer? Start a FREE trial today at... see more

' Description *Are you a consumer? Using this app you support farmers worldwide! You are able to search for local food,... see more

'This app is for existing FarmLogic customers. Not a customer? Sign-up for a free account: see more

'Track and organize body condition scores for your beef cow herd. Snap a cow's photo, compare to reference images, add an... see more

'Displays GPS and sensor data: position and signal strength of satellites, accuracy, speed, acceleration, altitude,... see more

This open-access course has been designed to explore the multi-sectoral links between agriculture, nutrition and health,... see more

Procedimiento de análisis y determinación del nitrógeno Total en un suelo mediante la metodología Kjendahl

Vídeo didáctico en el que se establece el valor de material mineral y orgánico de un suelo por calcinación

Se trata de una clave dicotómica muy útil para poder distinguir los cultivos hortícolas más importantes en España... see more

En este video se dan unas pautas generales para la siembra de especies cespitosas

El pH mide la basicidad o acidez de un suelo permitiendo el desarrollo de unas especies vegetales u otras, a la vez que... see more

La Tesxtura de un suelo y las diferentes fracciones de arena, limo y arcilla son parámetros necesarios en la... see more

Se exponen las ventajas de realizar rotaciones de cultivos en los sistemas de cultivos herbáceos extensivos, se listan... see more

Después de una breve introducción de lo que significa el cultivo del algodón en España, se explica únicamente la... see more

Se exponen los datos estadísticos de manera gráfica sobre superficie cultivada de los cultivos herbáceos extensivos.... see more

Se describe la técnica del barbecho. Se justifica y se indican las labores que se realizan durante el barbecho. Se... see more