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EOL is an attempt to create a complete biodiversity database on the web. It is similar to Wikipedia with a goal of having... see more

This is a free online textbook offered by InTech. 'Studies of herbivory provide important insights into fundamental... see more

'The topics are arranged in a sequence most commonly used to teach the material in college courses. Chapter 1:... see more

This site is being developed by James D. Mauseth at the University of Texas, who is the author of Plant Anatomy. This... see more

This is one of the classic Botany textbooks. 'In all teaching of plants and animals to beginners, the plants themselves... see more

According to the authors, "The treatise falls into two parts: an account of the biology of the Saprolegniaceae, followed... see more

This is a free, online textbook offered by African Free University. It covers algae and plants.

The material is accessible after a free registration. This lesson contains 3D models. Some of them are available after a... see more

' The rapid advances made in the science of botany within the last few years necessitate changes in the text books in use... see more

Noxious weeds are especially problematic weeds. They possess one or more of the following attributes: • Aggressive... see more

This text is a re-structuring the “classical” introductory botany course into a more logical sequence of themes with two... see more

'University of Idaho (UI) Extension’s Idaho Master Gardener Program provides gardeners with opportunities to improve... see more

'Changing environmental condition and global population demands understanding the plant responses to hostile environment.... see more

This is a classic book in the study of botany. In this work Levison aims to create a book that allows beginners to be... see more

Campylobacter has emerged as the leading cause of bacterial foodborne disease worldwide with a significant impact on... see more

This book offers 19 detailed protocols on the use of induced mutations in crop breeding and functional genomics studies,... see more

'Learning the scientific names of plants can be interesting. After working with these names a while, you will recognize... see more

This is a forest measurements textbook written for field technicians. Silvicultural applications and illustrations are... see more

'This Study Guide to the Science of Botany is a textbook at Wikibooks and intended to establish a course of study in the... see more

'First published in 1887. Asa Grey is considered the most important American botanist of the 19th century. He was the... see more

This site is part of a larger site about Molecular Biochemistry. This section, entitled, "Calvin Cycle - Photosynthetic... see more

The plant factory is a facility that aids the steady production of high-quality vegetables all year round by artificially... see more

Online lesson of the properties of light. Overview of how chlorophylls and other pigments absorb light. Topics covered... see more

'The first 45 chapters have been translated from German into English covering all plant anatomy, classic genetics,... see more