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This is a nice animation / simulation to show some plant tropisms, including phototropism gravitropism (along with auxin... see more

This site includes two eloquently produced simulations about secondary growth and transpiration in plants by Nate... see more

This is a great site from the University of Alberta that provides animations of plant life cycles (equisetum, fern,... see more

Biosearch Technologies' standalone video describing the mechanism behind Stellaris RNA FISH. Stellaris FISH (fluorescence... see more

An interactive "enchanted book," this learning object designed to accompany the "Power of Poison" exhibit in the Natural... see more

This animation focuses on the life cycle of a moss and how this life cycle, life all other plants, undergo alternation of... see more

This animation focuses on plant growth and how plants sense and respond to their environment. In particular, this... see more

This animation presents information as to how a plant cell harvests light and how various components such as... see more

This site begins with an introduction that explains the evolution of angiosperms as well as the origin of its name and... see more

This site presents a video animation of the processes that comprise Photosystem II. Photosystem II is one of the major... see more

This resource provides information about photosynthesis and oxygen aquisition in plants. The animation details how... see more

Great simulation explaining how cyclic and noncyclic photophosphorylation works in chloroplast, good voice tutorial,... see more

דף מידע ובו סרטון העוסק בתהליך תלוי האור בפוטוסינתזה, בו נוצרת האנרגיה בצמח. הסרטון מקושר לאתר YouTube . כלול במדור מאגר... see more

דף מידע המכיל סרטון המתאר את התפתחות הפרי בעץ התפוח. הסרטון מקושר לאתר YouTube . כלול במדור מאגר מדע באתר דוידסון... see more

This site provides a good introduction to understanding how auxin affects plant growth.  The animation shows how auxin... see more

This is a great animation that shows steps involved in the dark reactions of photosynthesis. It is part of a larger site... see more

Animations of photosynthesis focusing on cloroplast, the light reaction, ATP synthase and the Calvin cycle.

This is a video of the molecular structure of the calmodulin molecule's interaction with calcium. It is a fluid animation... see more

This is a short animation of gibberellin mode of action. It walks one through reception, transduction, and response. It... see more

This video is about the chemistry of softwood.  Learn about rings on a tree.  Learn about wood science!

This video does an excellent job explaining the process of photosynthesis through detailed video representation. The... see more

This is a great video to show the different aspects of photosynthesis.  Among topics addressed, this learning object... see more

This is an interactive video dealing with photosynthesis. It does a good job of illustrating the hydrogen ion gradient... see more

This animation is part of the virtual cell site developed at North Dakota State University. The introduction contains an... see more