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Incredible CGI animation of honey bee biology, no narration

Allows users to run a climate model to see how the climate probably will change in 100 years! Includes animations and... see more

This site provides an animation on time-compensated solar compass. The animation illustrates an experiment that tests... see more

This site provides introductory information about natural selection. This site also includes an animation examining... see more

In this animation, researchers test the effects of habitat fragmentation on the extinction of species. 

This animation explors how animals choose what to eat. The data used in this animation is from a study of bluegill... see more

This animation illustrates the various types of biomes on the planet. Some of the main points discussed are the... see more

This animation has 3 parts: World hunger, what is being done, and the hunger project. It discussed how hunger is... see more

This animation discusses population growth curves. The factors that control population size are also discussed. 

Students and teachers are able to contstruct a virtual food chain and learn about why each organism in the food chain is... see more

This website is very useful in teaching climate change to high school students.  It is very easy to understand, and it... see more

This interactive flash presentation talks about the effects of acid rain on the invironment and especially on lakes. This... see more

A site by the Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Protection that teaches children all about air, energy, land, water,... see more

An introduction to toxic chemicals and environmental health risks you might encounter in everyday life, in everyday... see more

The Ocean View Data Visualization Tool is an interactive, online, data-display tool that helps students understand... see more

The New River Data Visualization Tools are interactive, online, data-display tools that help students understand... see more