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This is a companion site to the PBS series Evolution. It contains numerous interactive exercises and simulations keyed to... see more

This is the complete text of a book, for teachers, published by the National Academy of Sciences. The book addresses the... see more

A timeline from 1700 to 2000 showing the life and work of notable people who have contributed to evolutionary thought.... see more

Sponsored by the A. P. Sloan Foundation and the National Science Foundation, the website's content is endorsed by the... see more

This site presents fossil skull evidence in a way that the user can manipulate the skulls. online 3D gallery of modern... see more

A description of the land birds found on Galapagos Islands. This site contains a good description of the birds along with... see more

Scroll through the page to view the vastness of the geologic time frame. Included on this page are two HHMI Holiday... see more

This site provides information on the fossil record and how fossils are formed and discovered. An animation on how a... see more

This site includes an interactive human evolution timeline. One can learn about the various species, the time range of... see more

During the Life has a History tour, individuals will learn how and why life has changed during Earth's history. The tour... see more

The National Science Teachers Association Position Statement: Teaching Evolution. The teaching of evolution, a... see more

As self described, "the Web site dedicated to celebrating the life and work of the English naturalist, evolutionist, and... see more

Homepage about the tree Ginkgo biloba: name, history, tree, propagation, usage and more.

This Web page is designed to provide easy access to books, position statements, and additional resources on evolution... see more

A site dedicated to documenting the life and discoveries of Charles Darwin. It includes chronologies of Darwin's work,... see more

Several hundred photos of the many different fish species, primarily cichlids, found in Lake Malawi. Also has maps and... see more

' This website seeks to promote the teaching and acceptance of the biological theory of evolution by emphasizing one of... see more

In this site, students will be able to learn about the broad diversity of eye evolution. Students will be able to view a... see more

To quote the site, "Biological classification systems are multi-purpose constructs with 'internal' information content in... see more

This site is an introduction into the fossil records of cyanobacteria. The cyanobacteria have an extensive fossil record.... see more

This site is designed for researchers in the field of gene regulation or the molecular biology of hemoglobin. However,... see more

This is a scientific paper that details with fossil dated remains of domesticated dogs in the Americas.

This site provides a human family tree. Students can compare various species and where each species falls on the human... see more