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This lecture entitled Selection in Action, describes the comparison between the artificial selection of dogs and corn and... see more

This lecture entitled Hominid Paleobiology, discusses about the Hominid fossil record of the past six milions years. This... see more

In this animation, comparing features of a 4.4-million-year-old fossil skeleton to those of human and chimpanzee... see more

On this site, students will have the opportunity to view an animation on how humans have manipulated the natural... see more

In this animation and informative page, students will be able to learn how predators and the environment in which rock... see more

Evolution is a phenomenon in which we rarely get to witness in our lifetime. In this site, students will be able to learn... see more

In this animation, you will learn how differences arise in individuals within species, how diversity begins with DNA and... see more

Anatomy, DNA, embryos and fossils display similarities among all species. Evolution elucidates that these similarities... see more

Common misconceptions about evolution are explained in this narrated slideshow. Students can also view four lectures... see more

In this introductory exploration video, learn about the three ingredients that drive evolution: variation, selection and... see more

This animation focuses on fixed behavior in herring gull chicks and how the scientist Niko Tinbergen constructed an... see more

This site provides two interactive activities pertaining to evolution. The first animation, The Big Picture, includes... see more

This site includes two actitivities pertaining to evolution. The first animation, The Big Picture, provides information... see more

This site provides introductory information about natural selection. This site also includes an animation examining... see more

This animation explores how prokaryotic organelles are similar to eukaryotic ones. It explores the similarity between... see more

This animation discusses the anatomical differences between the skulls of a Cro Magnon and a Neanderthal. 

This animation shows the various human ancestors and how they relate to modern humans. Some of the topcs discussed are... see more

This video demonstrats how radiometric dating is used to date rocks. The animation also discusses how this helped... see more

This animation discusses why the X and Y sex chromosomes are so different and how they came to be as they are. 

This animation discusses the 3 groups living organisms are divided into. It also shows the similarities and differences... see more

This resource explains how to read a phylogenetic tree. An explanation of how it differs in shared and derived... see more

You can interact with the animation to learn about how evolution affects populations. The population breeds, mutates,... see more

Short, two minute films from the sundance channel on animal mating tendencies. These videos are entertaining and very... see more

This site has 7 videos on evolution, each about 8 minutes long and with a mixture of animations and video. There are also... see more