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This video goes into detaisl on how the immunohistochemistry. Immunohistochemistry or IHC staining refers to the process... see more

Biosearch Technologies' standalone video describing the mechanism behind Stellaris RNA FISH. Stellaris FISH (fluorescence... see more

The Mendelian Monohybrid Cross This video offers a description of the monohybrid (single trait) controlled cross... see more

This animation provides an overview of protein synthesis in Prokaryotes. It also presents some of the differences between... see more

This is a tour of what a Chromosome is. 

In this simulation, you will be able to study how a physician uses a pharmacogenetic test to help make key decisions... see more

In this animation, the side effects of various drugs of abuse such as alcohol, anabolic steroids, cocaine, dissociative... see more

This site provides a vibrant animation on what structures are included in a neuron and how neurons communicate with each... see more

In this introductory video clip, the narrator explores the epigenome and how it is able to instruct DNA by interchanging... see more

In this interactive exploration, students will learn about the genetic disorder cystic fibrosis (CF) and how gene therapy... see more

In this interactive game, students are able to determine if the seven scenarios described involve cloning or not. If... see more

Scientists and researchers are discovering and exploring new ways in which stem cells can be used in medicine. In the... see more

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells and their role in the human body is not yet determined. This site provides... see more

High-throughput sequencing methods are used to sequence and analyze large genomes. This animation will focus on one... see more

Embryonic stem cells are the topic of discussion in this animation. Embryonic stem cells are capable of differentiating... see more

This animation centers on Gregor Mendel’s law of independent assortment. During the animation, the foundation for the... see more

This animation includes a reproduction of the experiment performed by Matthew Meselson and Franklin Stahl to determine... see more

During this animated video, students will be able to learn about Gregor Mendel’s renowned two-trait breeding experiment... see more

This animation provides a re-creation of Gregor Mendel’s experiments and allows one to predict the outcome of two types... see more

This animation examines how the concentration levels of lactose determine when the expression of the lac operon... see more

This site provides information about DNA chip technology. In the introduction, basic material about DNA chips is... see more

A DNA library is a collection of one organism’s DNA fragments that are stored within a host organism. This animation... see more

This site examines the steps involved in meiosis, a process in which a parent cell divides to produce cells with half the... see more

Enzymes catalyze reactions as well as performing many other functions. This animation focuses on enzyme inhibition. The... see more