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Free Powerpoint presentation describes current biological aging theories including fundamental limitation or “wear and... see more

This activity challenges students to think about the relationship between summer flowering plants and the butterflies... see more

In this activity students explore the concepts of migration, hibernation and adaptation to the cold as mechanisms to... see more

In the deepest, darkest parts of the oceans are ecosystems with more diversity than a tropical rainforest. Taking us on a... see more

This is a stand alone presentation for students to summarize the overall process by which photosynthesis converts solar... see more

This creative activity is designed to teach 5-7 year olds about the concept of penguin diversity and adaptation – the... see more

A mathematical, Cartesian-based tome linking all known forms of life to a Creative entity.

Centered around a NOVA episode that deals with the introduction of intelligent design into a public school in Dover, PA,... see more

This is an amazing video of the life cycle of the dragonfly. The video quality is so good, you can see every hair on the... see more

In the < For Literary Agents and Publishers > directory one will find a paper I have written which focuses upon the force... see more

Features five activities for helping students understand key concepts about cancer -- that "cancer" is a group of more... see more

Tobacco, one of the most prominent crops grown by natives of North Carolina in the 1500's, has intrigued botanists ever... see more