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Veterinary nurses need to have a firm grasp of the normal structure of an animal s body and how it functions before they... see more

Oxford University Press makes conservation biology textbook by some of the world's most prominent ecologists and... see more

EOL is an attempt to create a complete biodiversity database on the web. It is similar to Wikipedia with a goal of having... see more

'This book covers the following subtopics of zoology: Intro and Origins, Cells as Units of Life, Genetics, Evolution,... see more

This elaborate but easy-to use website details the complete vascular anatomy of the zebrafish embryo and larva at every... see more

This is an introductory Biology textbook that covers the animal kingdom. It is the second in a series of two.

'Dive in with Duke University’s Cachalot app, a novel digital textbook designed for students enrolled in Duke’s Marine... see more

The material is accessible after a free registration. This lesson contains 3D models. Some of them are available after a... see more

This is 'an exhaustive dictionary of over 13,000 terms relating to invertebrate zoology, including etymologies, word... see more

This lab manual for General Zoology was created under a Round Twelve ALG Textbook Transformation Grant. he manual... see more

'The introduction of chapters on Animal Anomalies, Animal Regeneration, Biological Effects of Radiation, Marine Zoology,... see more

'The book Zoological Illustrations, describes the original figures and descriptions of New, Rare, or Interesting Animals,... see more

'This book covers the following topics: Protozoa to Chaetognatha, Amphioxus, Vertebrata, Tunicata, Enteropneusta,... see more

'This book covers the following topics: Phylum protozoa, Metazoa, Phylum porifera, Phylum Coelenterata, Phylum... see more

'There are 64 species of extant gliding mammals that are currently recognized, which are divided into six different... see more

This book is an introduction to the diversity of structure and function in animals at the tissue and organ system level.... see more

'Meet the Invertebrates reveals these apparently alien creatures to be fascinating animals dealing with the basic... see more

'The purpose of this comprehensive document is to provide the public with basic information about the National Animal... see more

'The present book is not a classical manual on Zoology and the reader should not expect to find the usual treatment of... see more

הסדרה מציגה נושאים מרכזיים בהתנהגות בעלי-חיים ואת הגישות המחקריות השונות בתחום זה. ספרי הסדרה מתארים דפוסי התנהגות שונים... see more

הסדרה מציגה נושאים מרכזיים בהתנהגות בעלי-חיים ואת הגישות המחקריות השונות בתחום זה. ספרי הסדרה מתארים דפוסי התנהגות שונים... see more

'Learn about Zoology: The Study of Animals! Don't know what Zoology is all about, here is a quick reference guide on the... see more