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Robin Beck's researched looked at phylogenetic relationships within marsupials. In her research she used the platypus to... see more

A new Miocene penguin from Patagonia and its phylogenetic relationships with Spheniscidae. To determine this... see more

bioRxiv (pronounced bio-archive) is a free online archive and distribution for unpublished preprints in the life... see more

F1000Research provides an Open Science platform to publish all forms of scientific content related to life sciences and... see more

האומנם רשאי האדם לראות את עצמו כנזר הבריאה, ולהתנהג אל שאר בעלי החיים כאל נחותים ממנו וכמי שלא ראויים ליחס מוסרי? האם... see more