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This site details solid state structures and using Chime, allows the reader to rotate the molecule to view it from... see more

This site contains information on solid - state structures. It has multiple diagrams that can be downloaded and rotated... see more

From this site, one can access a periodic table, other www sites, lecture notes, demos with videos, laboratory... see more

This site touches mainly upon atomic structures, isomerism, and the crystal field theory and coordinate complexes. It has... see more

The virtual chemistry room of the University of Oxford, this site has information concerning symmetry, VESPRs, and... see more

This website is dedicated to tutorials in basic general chemistry and organic chemistry. Tutorial subjects include: math... see more

A full periodic table is available at this site. A simple click onto any of the elements links to a page with more... see more

This site contains a full periodic table. For each element, a brief history and a brief summary of its chemical... see more

This site has information on atomic structure and bonding, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, instrument analysis,... see more

This is a glossary of terms used in Bioinorganic Chemistry set up by the International Union of Pure and Applied... see more