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A molecular structure tutorial that uses Jmol to visualize biomolecules in 3D. Includes units on carbohydrates, lipids,... see more

A collection of 3D representations of common molecules. Each molecule contains a short description and an applet that... see more

A review of intermolecular forces including ion-dipole, dipole-dipole, hydrogen bonding and dispersion forces. The author... see more

A library of three dimensional molecular structures. Structures available in GIF, VRML and PDB formats. Contains... see more

An introduction to VSEPR rules for the prediction of molecular shape. (Includes rotatable Jmol structures)

A "web-ed" article from the Journal of Chemical Education discussing hexagonal closest packed structures.

A tutorial discussing the structures and functions of copper proteins

Brief tutorial on the structure and function of hemoglobin at the Protein Data Bank

An index of molecular visualization resources