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This website provides practice for students to gain an understanding of how to balance chemical equations. The tuorial... see more

This web site gives a good, quick overview of stoichiometry via a video tutorial.

These tutorials provide simple explanations of covalent- and ionic bonding, as well as the seldom-taught... see more

This incredible online tool contains more than 1500 algorithmically generated questions, each with tutorial feedback.... see more

This web site has many different resources for chemistry educators and students. This page includes hundreds of links to... see more

Discussion of osmosis that follows the original work of van't Hoff for which he received the first Noble prize in... see more

Global Environmental Issues is designed to help teach environmental chemistry at the introductory chemistry level. It is... see more

This is a lecture capture, using pencast technology, of an introductory level organic chemistry class (ie. nursing... see more

Building your molecule from up to four elements from the Periodic Table, this Formula Solver shows you how to calculate... see more

[fr] Environnement d'apprentissage multimédia en ligne portant sur la rotation et la vibration des molécules et leur lien... see more