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The National Science Foundation (NSF) recently teamed up with NBC and the National Science Teachers Association to... see more

Tom Stretton, a science teacher in the Upper Canada District School Board, provides chemistry notes, figures, and quizzes... see more

Maintained by the British Columbia Institute of Technology Chemistry Department, The Chemistry Resource Center Web site... see more

Narrated Flash movies depict the different processes of the gas laws.

Developed by the University of Leeds, the Delights of Chemistry promotes the art of chemistry demonstrations. Users can... see more

At this website, the University of Minnesota supplies numerous chemistry experiments. The activities are divided into two... see more

The Oxford VR Group is developing a three-dimensional simulated laboratory for the teaching of chemistry. This laboratory... see more

a large collection of animations covering many areas of General and Physical Chemistry, collected and organized by Rob... see more

This networked laboratory simulation provides an environment in which students can select from hundreds of standard... see more

General Chemistry Experiment Simulations, Tutorials and Conceptual Computer Animations for Introduction to College... see more

A list of Shockwave simulations of basic properties and materials of organic chemistry.

The chemistry education resources that the American Chemical Society has placed on its website are quite impressive, and... see more

This review provides many details about chemical reactions and the components involved in order to make one happen, such... see more

Links to demonstrations for chemistry class

Periodic table for getting information about different elements.

Here's your chance to mix chemicals without wearing safety goggles. You won't spill any acid on the spectrometer in this... see more

Create a spectrum and then interact with it. Notice that energy level transitions correspond to peaks in the spectrum.

'2048 Chemistry is an interesting and very addictive puzzle game. This is sample chemical game with periodic table... see more

The Chemistry-Based QuickTime, Shockwave Flash, GIF Animations, and Streaming Audio Web site is provided to "support the... see more

'Love chemisty? There you go! A 2048 out of periodic table! Combine elements to get the more! Little ads, source code... see more

This activity provides a demonstration and lab exploration of one of the main "building blocks" of the periodic table of... see more

Free downloadable interactive spreadsheet-based computer models for students of Instrumental Analysis and Spectrochemical... see more

The collection of interactive simulations covers a wide range of general chemistry topics, with each simulation... see more

This set of multimedia lessons, developed by the American Chemical Society, examines the process of dissolving materials... see more