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A table of the elements, with links to information on each element in the table. Links to various tutorials on basic... see more

Flash cards for both AP and general Chemistry. Easy to read and understand format with language that clearly and... see more

Titled, "An Introduction to the Electronic Structure of Atoms and Molecules", this site is an in-depth review of the... see more

A full periodic table is available at this site. A simple click onto any of the elements links to a page with more... see more

The Chemogenesis web book explores how chemical structure and reactivity emerge from the periodic table of the elements,... see more

This is a free textbook offered by Saylor Foundation 'The overall goal of the authors with General Chemistry: Principles,... see more

An Online preparatory chemistry text. The text was written for students who want to prepare themselves for general... see more

This site offers a unique presentation of the periodic table of the elements. By clicking on an individual element the... see more

This web site is a periodic table with several unique features. Just like any other online periodic table, it is possible... see more

From this site, one can access a periodic table, other www sites, lecture notes, demos with videos, laboratory... see more

"The Chemical Thesaurus is a reaction chemistry information system that extends traditional references by providing... see more

This web site contains information and virtual experiments on many different topics including the following: Atomic... see more

This site consists of an interactive periodic table directed toward students.

'This review is geared towards advanced placement students taking general chemistry, however, can also be helpful to any... see more

A detailed analysis of buoyancy in the context of Felix Baumgartner's historic jump from 39 km altitude as the... see more

ChemToolBox is a free software program that has an internal database that gathers data for you on different topics in... see more

DVAction is a database of digital video and images comprised of techniques and equipment used in the general chemistry... see more

At howstuffworks there are many different categories you can choose to look up information as well as a search tab to... see more

This site contains information on solid - state structures. It has multiple diagrams that can be downloaded and rotated... see more

'Molecules is an application for viewing three-dimensional renderings of molecules and manipulating them using your... see more

Clean one-page summary of the NFPA 704 diamond communication tool.

This interactive Periodic Table has been designed as a learning tool to help the beginning high school or undergraduate... see more

Resource to help effectively teach chemistry to students of varying abilities