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Interactive, adaptive practice activities that cover a wide variety of math and science content.

Printable periodic table of the elements flash cards for studying chemical elements. Customize the flashcards with atomic... see more

'Chemistry Formulas Practice stimulates students’ mastery of the fundamental skill of naming compounds and writing... see more

'Students use Graphical Analysis to wirelessly collect, analyze, and share sensor data in science and math classrooms.... see more

This is a free, publicly-accessible Moodle course site for a two-semester introductory college Chemistry course for... see more

דף מידע המסביר על נושא איזון משוואות כימיות ושיווי המשקל כימי, ובו היישומון המסייע להבין כיצד מאזנים משוואות, וגם מאפשר... see more

Students determine the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons for each element.

At this website instructors of general chemistry can find a set of interactive, game-like 'electronic study aids'... see more

This is a easy to use website that will give you an element and, depending on the selections you make below, you will... see more

The Chemistry Tutorials & Drills web site is designed for students of chemistry trying to get to grips with the subject.... see more

A web-based learning aid part of JCE's WebWare Open Review Collection. Web-based flash cards to review nomenclature of... see more

This website can be used by teachers or students in utilizing dense information with assesments. This exercise is... see more

Get endless practice calculating molarity in a solution with this Bottomless Worksheet. At the click of a button, it... see more

This Bottomless Worksheet is a way to practice calculating molar masses for organic and inorganic molecules. At the click... see more

Get endless practice on using molar masses to convert between moles and grams with this Bottomless Worksheet. Ten more... see more

The combined gas law deals with gas systems where the quantity of the gas is kept constant. It permits the treatment of... see more

This Java Applet will automatically balance virtually any type of equation and follow up with many stoichiometry and... see more

From the author(s): "Molecular Laboratory Experiments (MoLE) in Chemistry are a collection of computer-based models of... see more

A group of drill exercises with tutorials for General Chemistry ranging from Review of Mathematical Skills to Problems on... see more

This game teaches balancing equations by inspection. You type in numbers in front of each molecule, then click the... see more