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A list of Shockwave simulations of basic properties and materials of organic chemistry.

Interactive molecular visualization of molecular normal modes of vibration. 3DNormalModes is a molecular visualization... see more

This interactive animation explores the effects of the polarity of the organic compounds and the polarity of the solvent... see more

This interactive simulation explores the process of extracting three times with ether, as one might do for a typical... see more

'The Atomdroid app is a computational chemistry tool for the Android platform. It can be used as a molecular... see more

This useful tool allows students to learn how to put together organic structures using HNMR spectra and a molecular... see more

This is an automated demonstration enabling the user to measure the optical rotatory dispersion of a mixture of optical... see more

This site contains a Flash animation of how crude oil is distilled. The teachers resource section also has more resources... see more

3DMolSym is an educational program designed to visualize the symmetry elements of molecules and to animate the... see more

VRML utility for the calculation and visualization of IR and Raman Spectra and 3D visualization of corresponding normal... see more

The VRML File Creator for Chemical Structures is an online service for the generation of VRML scenes from your 2D or 3D... see more