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This interactive simulation explores the process of extracting three times with ether, as one might do for a typical... see more

This is a short video animation on radical chain reactions.  The video uses the analogy of PAC-MAN as the radical... see more

3-D interactive images of simple biological molecules. this site uses a java app, JMOL, to present the interactive 3-D... see more

This site contains interactive 3D animations for some of the most important organic reactions covered during an... see more

This website gives users the chance to learn more about the mechanisms of the many named organic reactions which exist in... see more

The Flash animation depicts the mechanism of the Mannich Reaction.

This interactive flash movie depicts the meachanism of Wittig reaction.

The applet is a flash movie depicting the rection mechanism of the mannuch Reaction

This interactive Flash movie depicts the reaction mechanism of the strecker synthesis.

This game helps students to learn organic reactions by "raining" reagents down the screen. Students must select a... see more

A visual aid to upper division first-semester organic chemistry laboratory as taught at San Jose State University. The... see more