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MDPI Books Library contains 600+ Open Access Books & Series/Open Access Monographs covering subjects in: Bioengineering,... see more

The 2019 National Academies report "Open Science by Design: Realizing a Vision for 21st Century Research" discusses the... see more

This website was created in January 2016 to provide easy access to video resources for Cal Poly Pomona engineering... see more

The textbook is addressed to students of applied geosciences and petroleum engineering. Subjects are the fundamental... see more

conoce como se ha desarrollado la industria de los saunas domesticos y como es la comercialización y venta de los mismo... see more

Citizen Science: Open Science, Society, and Policy is an excellent review of Citizen Science that brings together some of... see more

New technologies are changing the channels of communication between people, creating an interconnected society in which... see more

With the rapid development of sensing, communication, computing technologies, and analytics techniques, today’s... see more

This site is about teaching and learning electromagnetic (EM) plane wave reflection and transmission using 3-D TV. The... see more

MuStripKit is a versatile microstrip toolkit app for microstrip circuit analysis and design. The app realizes various... see more

EMwaveRT is an app to aid teaching and learning of electromagnetics (EM) using mobile devices on the topic of plane wave... see more

EMpolarization is an app to aid teaching and learning of electromagnetics (EM) using mobile devices on the topic of wave... see more

For the love of god, SUBSCRIBE if you enjoy! Written version of this course: In this 100% free... see more

This paper presents a Six Sigma project conducted at a semiconductor company dedicated to the manufacture of circuit... see more

Se trata de programación orientada a objetos para poder ayudar a mejorar las skills de uno mismo en este tipo de... see more

ISO/IEC 20000-1 promotes adoption of an integrated process approach to effectively deliver managed services to meet... see more

This book provides an introduction to the discipline of aerospace structures and materials. It is the first book to date... see more

Direct Energy Conversion discusses both the physics behind energy conversion processes and a wide variety of energy... see more

OER Textbook for training of water distribution operators.  

OER textbook for training water distribution operators. This textbook has three primary parts. In Part One, you will... see more