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engrXiv (engineering preprints archive) is dedicated to the dissemination of engineering knowledge. engrXiv utilizes the... see more

Smart POlymer MAterials and Nanocomposites (SPOMAN) Open Science is an open collaboration surrounding the development of... see more

The Digital Commons Network: Engineering Commons contains 114,500+ Open Access full-text articles pertaining to... see more

Next to atoms and molecules the powders are the smallest state of matter available in high purities and large quantities.... see more

This is a free book offered by BookBoon. The objective of the book is to serve first degree engineering students with an... see more

This is a free book offered by BookBoon. The study of fluid mechanics is fundamental to modern applied mathematics, with... see more

This is a free book offered by BookBoon. This book covers the transport of momentum, heat, and mass in non-equilibrium... see more

This book explains the basic modes of heat transfer namely conduction, convection and radiation. Fundamental mathematical... see more

Magnesium nitride (Mg3N2) has gained extensive attention due to its catalytic and optoelectronic properties. The present... see more

Indium has gained significant attention in the semiconductor industries due to its unique thermal and optical properties.... see more

There has been significant data published in peer-reviewed scientific journals about Mr. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi... see more

Stainless steel (SS) has gained extensive attention due to its high corrosion resistance, low maintenance, familiar... see more

Barium oxide (BaO) and zinc sulfide (ZnS) are well known for their applications in electrical, optical and chemical... see more

Aluminium carbide (Al4C3) has gained extensive attention due to its abrasive and creep resistance properties. Aim of the... see more

Transition metal oxides (TMOs) have been known for their extraordinary electrical and magnetic properties. In the present... see more

TV programs such as "Law and Order" show how forensic experts are called upon to give testimony that often determines the... see more

Are you interested in investigating how nature engineers itself? How engineers copy the shapes found in nature... see more

This Freshman Advising Seminar surveys the many applications of magnets and magnetism. To the Chinese and Greeks of... see more

Physical metallurgy encompasses the relationships between the composition, structure, processing history and properties... see more

This course examines the dynamic interrelations among physical and behavioral traits of humans, environment, and culture... see more

This class introduces the multidisciplinary nature of archaeology, both in theory and practice. Lectures provide a... see more

This course is aimed at presenting the concepts underlying the response of polymeric materials to applied loads. These... see more

This course covers the derivation of symmetry theory; lattices, point groups, space groups, and their properties; use of... see more

This course covers a variety of topics concerning superconducting magnets, including thermodynamic and transport... see more