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"The AIM Full-Body-Bike solves the problem of how to build a normal-sized, 26-27 inch two-wheeled bicycle that riders can... see more

Fracture mechanics text covering all basic aspects of elastic and elastic-plastic fracture, including crack tip fields,... see more

The MathPad Unit Converter uses a JAVA applet to permit easy conversions between various English, Metric and SI units for... see more

This is an interesting site on the emergence of Formula One and its technology.

'Taking your first mechanics of materials class? The Wolfram Mechanics of Materials Course Assistant will help you solve... see more

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Este archivo muestra el funcionamiento y componentes de las bombas de inyeccion diesel tipo PE, tambien llamadas bombas... see more

This H-S Chart (Enthalpy-Entropy chart) is a utility that simplifies calculations of enthalpy, entropy, pressure,... see more

Online information and resources for teaching mechatronics and measurement systems. Included is: text book information,... see more

Links to online resources, reference materials, and product information for the field of mechatronics. Topics include... see more’s dictionary contains a vast amount of definitions related to metal and metal working processes. It could... see more

The link to the Steam Tables Calculator can be found on the left side of the page under Thermodynamics. This Steam Tables... see more

This URL is for the text, available online, of a book published by the National Research Council--the same folks who... see more

University Library of Regensburg offers the "Electronic Journals Library," which contains over 25,000 titles, of which... see more

This website describes the work of the Dutch physicist, Theo Jansen, in designing a "new nature" or walking beach... see more

Don't just convert units, solve the entire problem using any units. DimensionEngine is an online engineering calculator... see more

This tells the story of how a mechanical engineer designed and built a functioning bicycle out of cardboard.

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Breve descripción de términos técnicos y conceptos que deben usar los Técnicos en Monaje Industrial.-

This course will provide you with an introduction to the most powerful engineering principles you will ever learn:... see more

This is a course site to support a course in Engineering Dynamics. Topics include: Notation and units, Rectilinear... see more

Home made turbo is a forum/tech related site that explains the ground basics of forced induction technology,... see more

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Requerimientos básicos para operar y prevenir accidentes durante la instalación, operación y desmontaje de Gúas Torre.

This is a hypermedia learning object on general topics in Electrical Engineering. It belongs to the collection Objetos... see more

Sistemas De Seguridad activa y pasiva en vehiculos automotrices Modernos

This is a hypermedia learning object on general topics in Electrical Engineering. It belongs to the collection Objetos... see more