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Can you teach radioactivity using inquiry? Yes! To beginning science students? Of course! Topics include general... see more

This film examines the process of radioactive decay as part of an educational unit on the health effects of ionizing... see more

Try to Nuclear Power Plant stable - avoid a meltdown

This film explores the health effects of ionizing radiation (radioactivity). The film also examines methods for reducing... see more

This 20:17 minute YouTube film examines occupational exposures to x-rays in medicine, research, and industry. Major... see more

engrXiv (engineering preprints archive) is dedicated to the dissemination of engineering knowledge. engrXiv utilizes the... see more

This 26 minute YouTube film examines exposures to gamma rays that are emitted from the nuclei of certain radioactive... see more

This film examines exposures to beta particles that are emitted from the nuclei of some heavy, unstable atoms. Major... see more

MIT OCW is a large scale, web-based electronic publishing initiative whose goals are to : Provide free, searchable access... see more

This is a free online textbook offered by InTech. 'The aim of this book is to disseminate state-of-the-art research and... see more

An examination of current economic and policy issues in the electric power industry, focusing on nuclear power and its... see more

En el diseño de reactores nucleares es necesario calcular la distribución espacial de la población de neutrones y... see more

The Digital Commons Network: Engineering Commons contains 114,500+ Open Access full-text articles pertaining to... see more

'This is the companion volume for the introductory text “Fundamentals of Reaction Engineering”, which covers the basic... see more

This open access book examines key aspects of international cooperation to enhance nuclear safety, security, safeguards,... see more

El video permite comprender la curva de ebullición y los regímenes correspondientes a las distintas regiones, así como... see more is a free, browser-accessible textbook supplement or textbook replacement for the Introduction to... see more

En este video se explica el mapa 3D para seleccionar el régimen de caudal bifásico en tuberías verticales.

This is a free online textbook offered by InTech. 'This book includes contributions from researchers around the world on... see more

Group design project involving integration of nuclear physics, particle transport, control, heat transfer, safety,... see more

La geometría que más se asemeja al núcleo de un reactor de agua en ebullición es un cilindro, por lo que en el diseño de... see more

This book summarizes presentations and discussions from the two-day international workshop held at UC Berkeley in March... see more