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An examination of current economic and policy issues in the electric power industry, focusing on nuclear power and its... see more

This course provides an introduction to the basic properties of ionizing radiations and their uses in medicine, industry,... see more

This course uses lectures and discussion to introduce the range of topics relevant to plasma physics and fusion... see more

This course introduces fundamental properties of the neutron. It covers reactions induced by neutrons, nuclear fission,... see more

An introduction to the principles of tomographic imaging and its applications. It includes a series of lectures with a... see more

In this course, students explore the engineering design of nuclear power plants using the basic principles of reactor... see more

Problems in nuclear engineering often involve applying knowledge from many disciplines simultaneously in achieving... see more

The topics covered under this course include elements of nuclear physics for engineering students, basic properties of... see more

This course explores elements of nuclear physics for engineering students. It covers basic properties of the nucleus and... see more

Transport is among the most fundamental and widely studied phenomena in science and engineering. This subject will lay... see more

This course is a graduate level subject on electromagnetic theory with particular emphasis on basics and applications to... see more

This course is intended to introduce the student to the concepts and methods of transport theory needed in neutron... see more

In this course, we will lay the foundation for understanding how materials behave in nuclear systems. In particular, we... see more

This half-semester course introduces computational methods for solving physical problems, especially in nuclear... see more

This course provides an in-depth technical and policy analysis of various options for the nuclear fuel cycle. Topics... see more

This course covers the engineering principles of nuclear reactors, emphasizing power reactors. Specific topics include... see more

This course covers the thermo-fluid dynamic phenomena and analysis methods for conventional and nuclear power stations.... see more

This course deals with structural components in nuclear power plant systems, their functional purposes, operating... see more

This course integrates studies of engineering sciences, reactor physics and safety assessment into nuclear power plant... see more

This course explores the theory of self-assembly in surfactant-water (micellar) and surfactant-water-oil (micro-emulsion)... see more

The central theme of this course is the interaction of radiation with biological material. The course is intended to... see more

22.56J aims to give graduate students and advanced undergraduates background in the theory and application of noninvasive... see more

The plasma state dominates the visible universe, and is important in fields as diverse as Astrophysics and Controlled... see more