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Looks at inventors & inventions that changed our lives: the telegraph, photophone, animation, sewing machine, ice cream... see more

This course surveys canonical and recent theories and methods in science studies. We will organize our discussions around... see more

FREE makes it easier to find teaching and learning resources from the federal government.

This guide lists and reviews 61 web sites with catalogs of astronomical images that are useful for both formal and... see more

This site explains some of the areas in the nature of science (ie: avioding bias, science and society, scientific world... see more

Did Ben Franklin really fly that kite? What are the ethical dimensions of the creation of chimeras—and what should the... see more

This hands-on lesson plan allows students to investigate three methods for measuring volume. Students will learn to... see more

This website is great for unit conversions. Americans probably use a greater variety of units of measurement than anyone... see more

This reference provides instructions on how to write scientific reports. Topics include why we write reports, the basic... see more

These science bulletins from the American Museum of Natural History feature news on space science, astronomy, and... see more

Research article on five myths of girls participation in science and technology programs. The National Science... see more

This is an introductory tutorial on Matuarana and Varela's work prepared by Dr. Randall Whitaker. It is in two parts.

This site introduces computational science with a brief overview which distinguishes computational science ("use... see more

Science is ever-changing. Students have the opportunity to see how classroom topics relate to current events and research... see more

What objects can you see in the day sky? What objects can you see in the night sky? Are there objects that can be seen in... see more

This lesson, if well planned out and conducted properly, addresses every component of the benchmark it is intended to... see more

This book starts with a very brief development of signals and systems. It then develops the characteristics and the... see more

Have you ever wondered why animals hibernate or why they migrate? Have you also ever wondered which animals do? In this... see more

How does our sense of smell help us process new information and develop understanding of the world around us? What body... see more

Experimentation and exploration the way scientists create new knowledge will be adopted as the cornerstone for learning... see more

What is a dynamical system? When we talk about systems in the most general sense, we are talking about anything that... see more

This is an archive of reviews of online resources for the teaching of science. The reviews are organized by topic:... see more

Explore the future through modeling, reading, and discussion in an open-ended seminar! Our fields of interest will... see more