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This site reviews the major distinguishing features of each of Earth's atmospheric layers.

Activity that helps illustrate plate tectonics. Students cut out plate boundaries & use fossil evidence to show how &... see more

Good brief overview of many of the physical characteristics about the atmosphere.

This is an interactive tutorial to help one learn about plate tectonics.

This is a game that can be used to demonstrate how we can avoid emitting carbon into the atmosphere and help avoid... see more

An online course on California Geology. Starts with some basic geology then presents specific geology found in... see more

This is a StAIR project for Earth Science Review. This particular StAIR (Stand-Alone Instructional Resources) covers... see more

Introduction to Igneous Rocks.  How Igneous Rocks are formed, their texture, and color are discussed.

great pictures of specific mineral specimens, flame coloration tests and others.

An animated look at the deposition of geologic layers at seven locations around the USA. This site is meant to supplement... see more

Virtual River consists of two interactive exercises designed to help students learn about river processes like discharge,... see more

Web site about plate tectonic processes. Contains links, animations, and ablility to change levels of difficulty, also... see more

Website describing the process of a spacecraft acquiring an image of a planet or moon and how that becomes a photograph... see more

This StAIR (Stand Alone Instructional Resource) was created to help students understand Earth's multiple surface changes.... see more

A fun and challenging Jeopardy style review of Earth Science material.  This game could be used in a classroom review... see more

Expains the what, how, when, where about hurricane.

This is a free, online tutorial designed for environmental studies.   It is designed to help university students develop... see more

A PBS website on the world's largest rainforest the Amazon in South America. It contains general information on the... see more

Super site!! Colorful, clever, interactive, interactive and useful.

Super site!! Colorful, clever, interactive, interactive and useful.

This is 'an explanation of how the local geology of central PA relates to that of the Colorado Rockies and the Alaskan... see more

A simple description of volcano and how it erupt