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Poor bone health is related with various bone disease that predisposes to fractures, while sufficient supplementation... see more

The study objective was to evaluate the effect of Biofield Treated vitamin D3 and DMEM on bone health. The Test Items... see more

Witness the sinking of RMS Titanic. Explore the shipwreck. Titanic VR @ is an immersive educational... see more

The objective of the current experiment was to evaluate the potential of Consciousness Energy Healing-based test items... see more

The aim of the study is to evaluate the role of The Trivedi Effect®-Consciousness Energy Healing based vitamin D3 and... see more

The potential of The Trivedi Effect®-Consciousness Energy Healing vitamin D3 and DMEM medium was investigated in human... see more

Transition to practice presents many challenges for new nurses. Mentorship and mentorship programs have been shown to be... see more

The Allen Brain Atlas is the most comprehensive and detailed map of the human brain to date, combining neuroimaging and... see more

Created in 2011 by a group of Stanford scientists, Bio-protocol is an international protocol platform journal for... see more

Welcome to Essentials of Nutrition: A Functional Approach! This book is written for students who are not majoring in... see more

PaperHive introduces seamless discussion of research papers in the browser, embedded in the regular workflow. This allows... see more

This guide helps counselors improve their skills in leading group therapy sessions for substance use treatment. The guide... see more

This guide helps clinicians influence the change process in their clients by incorporating motivational interventions... see more

This is the first book-length exploration of the thoughts and experiences expressed by dementia patients in published... see more

This book presents the VISCERAL project benchmarks for analysis and retrieval of 3D medical images (CT and MRI) on a... see more

Dieses Buch ist eine Open-Access-Publikation unter einer CC BY-NC 2.5 Lizenz.Einfach handhabbare und praxisorientierte... see more

Nutrition can be defined as the science of food, beverages, and their components in biological systems. A nutrient is a... see more

Designed primarily to be read online, Lindshield’s flexbook includes plenty of visuals, with links to videos, animations,... see more

This in-depth survey of salutogenesis shows the breadth and strengths of this innovative perspective on health promotion,... see more

The CK-12 foundation defines a flexbook as a “free and open source textbook platform where one can build and edit... see more

This module will walk the student or clinician through the fundamentals of assessing vital signs. This module is broken... see more

PLOS One is accelerating the publication of peer-reviewed science by its Open Data Research guidelines and recommended... see more is a free Open Science Research Data Archive Repository built by CERN and OpenAIRE enabling researchers to... see more

The current study investigates the effect of Consciousness Energy Healing based vitamin D3 and DMEM medium on bone health... see more