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Examines the various biological agents that terrorists could use against food or water supplies.

Provides the knowledge one needs to critically appraise a weight control diet or dietary supplement and choose the best... see more

Introduces the basic methods for infectious disease epidemiology and case studies of important disease syndromes and... see more

This lecture addresses the evaluation challenges posed by observational studies, paying particular attention to the... see more

This course encompasses the study of eating as it affects the health and well-being of every human. Topics include taste... see more

This course presents a challenging multi-dimensional perspective on the causes of human disease and mortality. The course... see more

This seminar will be a scientific exploration of the food we eat and enjoy. Each week we shall have a scientific edible... see more

The neuropharmacology course will discuss the drug-induced changes in functioning of the nervous system. The specific... see more

In this lecture, Professor Brieger discusses some of the lessons he learned during his 26-year experience working in... see more

The workshop is intended for Doctoral students in the health and social sciences who are at the stage of developing a... see more

Introduces issues and programmatic strategies related to the development, organization and management of family planning... see more

Provides an understanding of the complex and challenging public health issue of food security and in a world where one... see more

Introduces and examines the basic prinicples which guide growth and development and the health of individuals across the... see more

The most recent knowledge of the anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, biophysics, and bioengineering of the... see more

This course is a project-based introduction to manipulating and characterizing cells and biological molecules using... see more

This course provides a foundation in the following four areas: evolutionary and population genetics; comparative... see more

This course will focus on understanding aspects of modern technology displaying exponential growth curves and the impact... see more

This course reviews the key genomic technologies and computational approaches that are driving advances in prognostics,... see more

Tumor pathophysiology plays a central role in the growth, invasion, metastasis and treatment of solid tumors. This class... see more

This course elaborates on the application of the principles of energy and mass flow to major human organ systems. It... see more

This course presents the fundamentals of digital signal processing with particular emphasis on problems in biomedical... see more

This course is an introduction to basic NMR theory. Examples of biochemical data obtained using NMR are summarized along... see more

This course consists of a series of seminars focused on the development of professional skills. Each semester focuses on... see more