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This learning module presents the proper technique and common errors associated with assessment of blood pressure. The... see more

An excellent survey of osteoporosis suitable for a wide audience including practicing physicians

A website that links to information and products used to treat asthma.  The site as seen in October 2010 is no longer the... see more

"The student will study the structure of the cell membrane by constructing it using the correct molecules." Learning... see more

This site is a visual educational resource dedicated to providing pictures that are representative of common and uncommon... see more

"The learner evaluates the immune response."   In this learning activity you'll evaluate the immune response including... see more

The current modules focus on breathing mechanics, static conditions, and obstructive and restrictive disease states. Also... see more

A resource to support students and staff learn about collaboration and group work and how it can be assessed. Key words:... see more

Learners take a close look at the information on product labels concerning fat, fiber, and serving sizes. A quiz follows... see more

This is a narrated PowerPoint presentation that includes step by step guide with images and narration and chest... see more

This PowerPoint tutorial discusses the legal issues of Mental Health in healthcare.  According to the website, "After... see more

The site is part of a larger collection on human anatomy. This particular link gives cross sections from the visible... see more

Learners examine the anatomical parts of the lungs. Key Words: anatomy, lungs, health assessment.

This PowerPoint tutorial discusses the legal issues business side of medicine.  According to the website, "After... see more

This PowerPoint Tutorial explains the legal issues involved in Communicable Diseases in the healthcare industry. ... see more

This is a PowerPoint presentation that covers confidentiality in health care.  According to the site, "after reviewing... see more

This site contains a PowerPoint presentation that helps explain the many issues of consent.  According to the website,... see more

This PowerPoint tutorial explains end of life issues in the healthcare field.  According to the website:  "After... see more

This lesson was the third place winner in the 2012 SoftChalk Lesson Challenge. 'In this module, we will learn how to help... see more

This is a short video that covers the need to wash your hands in order to reduce the spread of infection. The... see more

This free online tutorial "to help university students develop their Internet research skills. Learn how to make... see more

THIS DOES NOT WORK IN FIREFOX - ONLY IN INTERNET EXPLORER. This is a PowerPoint tutorial designed to discuss the issues... see more

This PowerPoint tutorial was developed to discuss the doctor-patient relationship.  According to the material, after... see more