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This resource is a collection of histology images that are intended to help medical and graduate students learn... see more

This YouTube channel hosts a wide variety of videos created by Mr. Hasudungan on topics related to physiology,... see more

'*****Stunning videos vibrantly illustrate and animate the core physiological processes of the human body.  *****Complex... see more

'This app has been designed specifically for the iPad to showcase the high quality images and animations developed by... see more

Learning and review links body systems medicine

This is a collection of apps that offer several resources and techniques for stress relief and anxiety management. ... see more

'The modalityBODY App for iPad enables you to create interactive image libraries of the human body for professional... see more

The U-M Histology Collection includes a vast assortment of histology images. Students use a digital microscope tool to... see more

The Histology Laboratory Drawings resource contains 104 hand drawn sketches by Dr. Christensen for the laboratory... see more

Hernias can affect both boys and girls and sometimes it is confusing what exactly a hernia is.  A hernia is a weak spot... see more

As described in the text by the American Diabetes Association, gestational diabetes occurs when the mother develops... see more provides information on the mystery that is fibromyalgia.  Although fibromyalgia is one of the most... see more

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that can affect many of the systems within the body.  There is not just one type of lupus,... see more

My final electronic portfolio reflection consists of reflecting on what I learned from the course and how it has changed... see more

As I approach the end of the term, this allows me to incorpate many ideas propsed about global health promotion and apply... see more

A look at how aids initiatives around the world impact both those receiving it and those giving it. A further look to see... see more

A more focused study of how media perpetuates the role of violence in today's youth.  

A look at how media (both social and informative) impact health.  

A look at both private and public health care funding, and their subsequent pros and cons.  

Understand the both the difference and the relationship between inequities and inequalities.  

A look at how becoming culturally competent will enable one to become more aware of other religions, values, beliefs and... see more

A look at how power determines and influences the health of an individual, community or culture.  

Exploring how partnerships within the community and the health care system will contribute to a better overall health.  

A look at how health is a personal and subjective experience. In addtion environment will make an impact on your... see more