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• Navigate through 324 fully annotated images with the flick of a finger • Create your own pinpoints and labels to mark... see more

This application provides a good reference for people who want to know more about Human Anatomy or study in General Human... see more

This app has numerous quotes to search through and had some really great advice and others were a bit humorous too. A few... see more

This is a medical application for the iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch that displays 3D graphics throughout the respiratory... see more

This app is intended to be used as a stress management tool. It includes a ten minute guided relaxation practice that can... see more

‎With Prognosis, you can improve your ability to diagnose and immediately manage key clinical presentations associated... see more

This app is great to use at work. It has over 320 common and uncommon lab values. This app also provides information on... see more

This application has been designed by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) as a way for users to send... see more

This application allows users to look up information about different infectious diseases. The app is free. Information... see more

"Master the language of medicine…in a flash. Davis Mobile Taber’s® Flash for iPad feature more than 875 must-know... see more

ZocDoc is a free app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Find & book doctor appointments in 3 simple steps: 1. Enter... see more

This app provides instant access to critical information nurses need. * Quick navigation to critical information * Custom... see more

'at better. Lose weight. Be healthy. Let Fooducate be your diet toolbox! Lose weight with REAL food, track your progress,... see more

'Lose weight with MyFitnessPal, the fastest and easiest-to-use calorie counter for iOS. With the largest food database by... see more

The American Red Cross offers a mobile app that allows the user to provide proper first aid care . This is important... see more

The mobile application entitled "WebMD" is used to provide health and wellness information to its user. The user is able... see more

This is an interesting free Apple iPad app for healthcare informatics. This app is a magazine that provides expert... see more

Nurse net is a handy app that works as a quick reference quide to many abbreviations. It also allows a nurse to look up... see more

Review questions for CCRN. Contains over 500 flashcards. Description from the website follows below. There is a $2.99 fee... see more

This app allows a person to look at ways to care for a patient. Tasks such as bed bath are explained in detail as a quick... see more

'When multiple IV medications are combined, the risk of complication is very real. Efficacy of one or more drugs can be... see more

Blood sugar control is often the central theme when it comes to diabetes management. Diabetes Buddy is built to help you... see more