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This module is a portion of a course on exploration of the nervous system. The focus of this module is on the cranial... see more

Medical exam procedures-text with accompanying procedures. Methodical examination of patients from head to foot.

A comprehensive physical examination and clinical education site for medical students and other health care professionals

A nice quick site that described the essentials of meningitis.Photographs of skin changes that occur as well as... see more

"The student reviews information on the neural synapse." Also relevant to health sciences students studying physiology... see more

Modules introduce health services students to a common language and the unique roles and challenges basic to all-hazard... see more

Information about caring for a patient with an intracranial disorder is presented in a short, concise power point... see more

This site provides a power point presentation describing the use of growth charts for children. Included are speakers... see more

The site provides the learner with an excellent examination of the treatments for a knee that has severe cartilage... see more

This resource by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides infomation about diabetes managment. It... see more

Provides information on congestive heart failure and the treatment and management of the disease. It also provides... see more

This video by a Registered Nurse gives basic instructions on how to safely and effectvely start intravenous therapy on a... see more

The idea for Project Immune Readiness grew out of the experiences of the Allergy-Immunology Department and the Triservice... see more

This 3:41 minute video provides easy mnemonic devices to remember key parts of the NIH stroke scale. To properly score a... see more

This interactive learning module teaches a nursing student how to interpret and use a Medication Administation Record... see more

Overview of the pathophysiology, etiology, clinical manifestations, treatment, nursing care, and patient teaching of... see more

A 31 minute podcast/video overview of pediatric anemias: Iron deficiency anemia, folate deficiency, pernicious anemia,... see more

This is a 3:05 minute YouTube video that explains the different stages of pressure ulcers using vivid images provided... see more

This video is a demonstration for nursing students learning how to prime IV tubing.  It starts at the very beginning,... see more

The purpose of this site is to teach and illustrate the current anesthesia gas machine, and related topics such as... see more

A PowerPoint presentation including definitions, teaching approaches, advantages, disadvantages and activities in the pre... see more

Site provides images of causes, complications and treatment of venous stasis ulcer. and associated wounds.

Power Point presentation on the pathophysiology and care of a patient with ICP, head trauma, and tumors.

This is a learning material about congestive heart failure