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An interactive multimedia tutorial for healthcare professionals wishing to refresh math skills and learn how to calculate... see more

A case study of a home health visit made to a psychiatric/mental health client using the OMAHA documentation system.

A set of twelve web tutorials explaining the biology of human senses. These topics include: the eye, the visual cortex,... see more

The site provides information on anterior and posterior cruciate knee injuries including a Shockwave movie.

This programme has been devised as a supplement to the current course in Microbiology (taught as part of Human Biology... see more

Video for medical students demonstrating equipment and techniques for examining the ear, nose and throat, as well as head... see more

This module defines basic concepts related to the ethics of data use, compares the ethics of using clinical and research... see more

Introduction to Routine Health Information System was created for undergraduate and postgraduate health science students... see more

The anatomy dissection videos present the basic anatomy and lab procedures of the dissections performed by first year... see more

The medical gross anatomy learning modules present foundational information in a programmed learning format. Topics... see more

Radiology Lessons is a tutorial on introduction to radiology for the first year medical student. Current methods of... see more

To quote the site: "The purpose of this site is to teach microscopists morphological criteria required to differentiate... see more

This HIBBS presentation provides background on how to assess the value of a medical informatics solution, explains... see more

This interactive template was created for HIBBs module developers or users of HIBBs in training activities as a tool to... see more

This HIBB presentation provides background information on bases, amino acids, proteins, nucleotides and DNA. The... see more

This HIBB first covers the physical components of a computer and their usage, such as keyboards, monitors, and USB... see more

This HIBB begins with explaining the basics of Microsoft PowerPoint, including how to start a new presentation, open an... see more

Radiosity is a tutorial used to introduce basic imaging techniques and appearances to first year medical students.

This resource was the third place winner in the 2013 Softchalk Lesson Challenge. 'The skills of physical assessment and... see more

This site presents an interactive cross-section Anatomy tutorial. Sections of various regions of the body at different... see more

ABOUT US The Endowment for Human Development (EHD) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving health science... see more

Detailed specification for Ethics and Integrity in Data Use and Managemen

Managing Change in Healthcare Implementations: an Introduction was created for managers preparing to implement health... see more

This webpage describes how to start an Intravenous Line