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This is a collection of opinions, articles, and interesting facts that I have learned throughout both my undergraduate... see more

This is a short collection of quotes that I believe describe some of the key global health issues.

This is a collection of opnion articles or essays I have written as to what I have learned through this course and in... see more

This is a collection of what health promotion means to me

This project examines the links between child and maternal mortality on GAPMINDER.

This is a GAPMINDER video of Vietnam and their great increase in life expectancy overtime, in comparison to other... see more

This website examines the impact of insurance companies and public policy on individuals health.

These links show how health can be considered a commodity and how companies have taken advantage of this idea and put a... see more

This is a short paper on Neoliberalism. It's definition and its impact on the social determinants of health.