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Video game intended to simulate the life of a carer (that is, someone that takes care of someone else).

Training parents for detecting and preventing risks on Social Networks and Internet. This is a free app.

The UISEL game aims to help seniors citizens easily acquainted with common touch device gestures.

Subtitled "A Data-Code-Compute Resource for Research and Education in Information Visualization," this site provides... see more

In 1998 the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) released the Cascading Style Sheets, level 2 specification as a W3C... see more

This highly acclaimed online book is intended to provide a thorough introduction to the Java programming language.... see more

Peer-to-peer applications such as Napster, Gnutella, and Scour that communicate as peers sharing and receiving... see more

'*** Move the Turtle teaches children (ages 5+) the basics of programming (yes, we do mean coding!) *** Challenges and... see more

A list of the most known sorting alforithms. For each algorithm an extensive description of it as well as a simulation... see more

Chrome Web Lab is a set of five experiments that can be tested both in the real world as a live experiment in the Science... see more

Chrome Web Lab is a set of five experiments that can be tested both in the real world as a live experiment in the Science... see more

Google has created several websites to promote its Web browser Chrome.  Its latest venture, titled Web Lab, is an effort... see more

This is a lesson designed to integrate technology, social studies, reading, and math.  I used this lesson with pictures... see more

This educational material is a simulation which simulates preparing and administering an intramuscular injection in... see more

MS Windows based (XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10) CPU and OS simulator. This is an integrated simulator with a high degree of user... see more

An operating system simulation showing processes as they flow through an operating system.  

Consider greenfoot as a combination between a framework for creating two-dimensional grid assignments in Java and an... see more

Simulation of bandwith speeds by type of file download and speed of bandwidth.

This site provides a quiz composed of pictures of 10 websites. The user determines whether or not the website shown is... see more

This is a test of the Merlot contribution workflow and should not be considered for review.

Students analyze C-Bay’s threats and vunlnerabilities, as well as draft emergency response procedures.  Task 6 of a... see more

Students work the Help Desk at C-Bay, and develop an employee education program designed to improve network security. ... see more

Students improve their programming skills in a fast-moving software development environment with this task; progressing... see more

Designed for an introductory computer science class, this project places students in junior software engineering... see more