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Word 2010 is a software for word processing in the new Microsoft 2010 Office Suite. Word allows you to easily create... see more

Handouts and step-by-step lab activities for a short course in digital photography. Selecting a digital camera. Using... see more

A tutorial on the ASP.NET product.

Tutorials on software applications for Windows and Macintosh. Applications include Microsoft Office products, Adobe... see more

A complete tutorial explaining the concept of FTP (file transfer protocol).

A guide on how to create and manage blogs using Blogger

A tutorial about the .NET framework. This is an introduction to the concepts of this framework.

The PDF is a tutorial and reference guide for creating Universal Design-based PDF content using Acrobat 9 Pro. The site... see more

This video tutorial covers how to engage in a critical use of electronic readers. While there are some recommendations... see more

You can create an attractive PowerPoint presentation today. Get basic visual communication pointers and take the... see more

This presentation is in PowerPoint kiosk mode and offers a guide to Google's Docs suite of apps.  

A brief presentation prepared to demonstrate how to use Windows Movie Maker to post narrated PowerPoint Slides on... see more

'In the first part of this article we discussed if, switch and for statements. In part 2 we will continue our looping... see more

'Certainly you are familiar with if, switch, while, return and goto statements. These are famous Branching and Looping... see more

This is a tutorial on creating a content book and quiz book in Toolbook II Instructor. The content book tutorial... see more

"This Word 2010 Tutorial for iPad guides you through the new features of Microsoft Word 2010 to help you easily create... see more

"This Word 2010 Tutorial guides you through the new features of 2010 to help you easily create professional-looking... see more

This is a tutorial in how to download, install, and use the open source software application called "pdfcreator". This... see more

Tutorial on how to make HTML5 pages more responsive with practical examples and tips.

This lesson was created to assist students to learn the benefits and ease of sending documents attached to emails. It is... see more

A PowerPoint presentation to help students with beginning Word 2007 that includes audio, flash and live web pages.