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A collection of movies (which often contain online quizzes) about a large number of technical subjects, including... see more

Animations of astronomical phenomena, such as tides, phases of the moon,seasons, gravity, distance. These are bare-bones... see more

Tutorial and applet demonstrates Ohm's Law.

Java applet to demonstrate scentific notation by examining how a view changes upon magnification. From the site: "View... see more

In this animation, a moving cart shoots a ball straight up. Students get to vote on where the ball will land, and then... see more

This series of animations lets you view a "fly-by" and "fly-through" of a house at different percentages of the speed of... see more

This resource describes how elements are built from protons, neutrons, and electrons.  Animations and movies effectively... see more

Illustrates Volume/pressure relationship for diesel engine

Learning object repository for science teachers (biology, physics, mathematics). You will find flash animations and... see more

This animation illustrates how sound waves cause us to hear.

Interactive visuals and discussions of physics and mathmatical applications.

A simple animation that illustrates how air molecules move in sound waves, one dimensionally.

Watch a satellite slowly circle Earth in an ellipse. Vary the eccentricity of the orbit.

Animated gif of a guitar string after being plucked.

Animated gif of a tuning fork operating, with additional explanation.

These visualizations are part of the Technology Enabled Active Learning (TEAL) Studio project at MIT. It contains a wide... see more

This site contains an extensive set of notes on basic topics in physics. There are extensive illustrations and animations... see more

An online demonstration of a multimeter

Kinematics and dynamics are presented here in multimedia, at introductory and also at deeper levels. Individual video... see more

A collection of Flash animations that illustrate processes important in the field of Physical Oceanography, including... see more

An interactive animation that shows a neighborhood and explains the physics behind the commonplace items in it, such as... see more

Allows user to add a graph of an analytical function to a document.

The 32 crystallographic point groups are rendered by the Rayshade 3-D ray tracing program.  Animated GIF movies and high... see more

The SVS is a NASA site that archives digital movies in the subjects of oceanography, meteorology, remote sensing,... see more