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The light can be decomposed and filtered through a polarizing filter. Even the light that passes through the adhesive... see more

Water Screen is a discrepant event, or short experiment, that demonstrates the properties of cohesion and surface... see more

This is a tutorial about the wavelike behaviors of light.  The topics included the following: Lesson 1 - How Do We Know... see more

This is a tutorial about electric circuits.  The following topics are included: Lesson 1 - Electric Potential Difference... see more

This is a tutorial that consists of the following topics: Lesson 1 - Basic Terminology and Concepts Lesson 2 - Methods of... see more

This tutorial contains the following topics: Lesson 1 - Heat and Temperature Lesson 2 Calorimetry

'Study and understand Mechanics right on your favorite mobile device. Mechanics uses a gaming-grade physics engine to... see more

'Build any circuit, tap play button, and watch dynamic voltage, current, and charge animations. This gives you insight... see more

A simple model system is generated to derive explicit expressions for Peltier, Seebeck and Thomson thermoelectric... see more

Fen ve Teknoloji dersinin kuvvet ve hareket kısmının bir bölümünü içermektedir.

Discussion of Osmosis and Desalination following Carnot ideas. The energy required for desalination.  

This is an interactive PowerPoint presentation to be used in Kiosk mode with students. It is intended to be a stand-alone... see more

This is a stand alone rescourse about Light and Mirrors.  Introduces Law of Reflection, how mirrors form images and the... see more

The Online Optics Tutorial “Staying in Focus” introduces students to some of the basic concepts of geometrical optics in... see more

This is a free online tutorial for physics students "to help university students develop their Internet research skills.... see more

A great colleciton of stellar spectra and tutorial

The tutorial covers the following topics: velocity, acceleration, Newtonian force, inertial force, movements in free... see more

This website is a tutorial for the study of mechanical waves.  It offers a great review on mechanical waves describing... see more

This web site contains quantitative homework problems where students are helped through successive questions. The goal is... see more

Website with tutorials and other resources for animation artists, both students and professionals working at studios in... see more

POVRay ( is a free, open-source 3-d raytracing program. Friedrich Lohmuller has developed a set of... see more

[fr] Environnement d'apprentissage multimédia en ligne portant sur la rotation et la vibration des molécules et leur lien... see more