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The magnetic force of the ions can be compared to a pinball machine with three different masses. If the same impulse is... see more

This animated gif illustrates the changing voltages when an operational amplifier (op-amp) becomes saturated. This... see more

This animated gif illustrates the changing voltages a conventional inverting amplifier when it receives input from a... see more

This website from the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College features an animation of a simple diode rectifier... see more

This is an animation of a comparator with noisy input voltage. The device compares the voltages and switches to the... see more

The steady-state characteristics of a synchronous motor represented by phasor diagrams are shown as function of the load... see more

The effect of the commutator is to produce a fixed spatial distribution of current directions in the armature conductors... see more

This is an animation of a Schmitt trigger circuit with clean input voltage. Voltages and parts of the circuit of this 3-D... see more

This is an animation of a bridge rectifier circuit or diode bridge. Voltages and parts of the circuit of this 3-D... see more

This is an animation of a capacitor-filtered half-wave rectifier circuit or buck converter. Voltages and parts of the... see more

Meant for k 12. Allows visualisation of images for various object positons and various focal lenghts. Image formation due... see more

physics HTML5 animations relevant for grad students. Can run on all devices -  PC, mobile, ipad, etc..

Edheads provides an online resource for kids. Its various games and activities engage students. Students can develop... see more

Real space lattice vectors can adjusted while the corresponding real and reciprocal space lattices are displayed. The... see more

The 32 crystallographic point groups are rendered by the Rayshade 3-D ray tracing program.  Animated GIF movies and high... see more

Más de 80 animaciones de Física en Flash. n algunos casos se ofrecen, además, las animaciones originales convertidas en... see more

The OSP Collection provides curriculum resources that engage students in physics, computation, and computer modeling.... see more

This site contains a collection of animations for the teaching of quantum mechanics concepts (see also Kohnle et al., Eur... see more

This resource describes how elements are built from protons, neutrons, and electrons.  Animations and movies effectively... see more

A collection of Physics Flash Animations sorted by categories.

דף מידע ובו סרטון המסביר מסביר כיצד עובד תא דלק מימן, עליו מבוססים כלי רכב המונעים על ידי מימן, וגם כאמצעי לאספקת חשמל.... see more

This visualization shows the wave function and probability density for energy eigenstates of a quantum particle in a 1D... see more

This animation shows the effect of a first and a second energy measurement on an initial superposition of states... see more

This visualization shows the kinetic and potential energy densities for a quantum particle confined to a 1D harmonic... see more