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A collection of over 140 videos of Physics Demonstrations covering a wide variety of topics, from mechanics to atomic.... see more

A complete set of simulations for the second semester of a college level physics class.

This Applet calculates and displays the potential of a field surrounding a capacitor. It employs a relaxation method to... see more

Applet and tutorial on basic electrostatics of capacitance and R-C Circuits

Applet and tutorial on the basic physics of the cylindrical capacitor.

Applet and tutorial on the behavior of dielectrics in electric fields and capacitors.

How capacitors are made, how they work, how they are used in circuits, the concept of the farad, applications of... see more

Applet and tutorial on basic issues of electrostatics involving a simple capacitor.

Tutorial on the basic principles of capacitance and dielectrics.

This applet is designed to give students an intutive, conceptual understanding of the behavior of a series RLC circuit.... see more

Pulsed magnets are among the strongest magnets in the world, and come in two forms: destructive and non-destructive. Of... see more