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A Shockwave simulation designed to illustrate the basic principles and operation of a mass spectrometer.

A complete set of simulations for the second semester of a college level physics class.

An applet that demonstrates the rate of conversion from parent nucleus to daughter nucleus in radioactivity.

An online Chart of the Nuclides divided into 29 parts. Clicking on each part zooms in closer on the nuclear properties of... see more

A group of simulations on the physical and geometric nature of light along with applications of electromagnetic... see more

The observed NMR spectrum of a solid powder is the summed signal from crystallites over all possible orientations... see more

This tutorial shows the Fourier relationship between a damped oscillating exponential (a detected FT-NMR transition) and... see more

This tutorial is very similar to the Dipolar Powder Patterns tutorial, in that is illustrates the observed spectrum of a... see more

This tutorial details the relative populations of spin up versus spin down states in spin I=1/2 particles. For most spin... see more

This tutorial demonstrates the primary effects of scalar coupling. Strong coupling influences both the transition... see more

Like the AB (I=S=1/2) Spectrum tutorial, this tutorial also illustrates the effects demonstrated by scalar coupling.... see more

This booklet presents selected properties of all known nuclides and their known isomeric states (Sixth edition, January... see more

Displays the sequence from four main radioactive decay series.

This Java applet simulates an experiment for the determination of the Planck constant and the work function: A single... see more

Interative representation of radioactive decay series: Th232, Pu241, U238, U235.

An applet that demonstrates radioactive decay. Source code available on main site. Foreign language versions available.

By exmaining the trajectory of an atom moving through a electric and magnetic field this applet determines the mass of... see more

Applet and tutorial on basic nuclear physics.

Applet demonstrates the diffraction of particles passing through a single slit. The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle is... see more

Applet demonstrates Thomson's famous oil drop experiment to determine the mass/charge ratio of the electron.

Two applets demonstrate the daughter/parent ratios of radioactive decay. Extensive explanatory text included.

Applet demonstrates the principles of scattering theory, including the role of the impact parameter and the energy of the... see more

Applet and tutorial illustrating the scattering of a sphere off a point target.

As part of the Internet Plasma Physics Education eXperience, this Java applet is designed to illustrate the basic... see more