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Learning object repository for science teachers (biology, physics, mathematics). You will find flash animations and... see more

Animation (.mpg) and audio (.au) of a demonstration of the inverse square law.

These applets show the lensing effect of ripples on the surface of a liquid. Two illustrations are available, one for... see more

Displays the electric and magnetic fields of a point charge moving at constant velocity in the x direction.

This is an Animation of Michelson's Measurement of the Speed of Light. It includes a sample of how the speed was... see more

Show the time development of electric fields from an accelerating charge.

This site contains an extensive set of notes on basic topics in physics. There are extensive illustrations and animations... see more

(From the author) The following movies show wave packets with various combinations of phase and group velocity. Each... see more

"This resource contains demonstrations used to illustrate the theory and applications of lasers and optics. A detailed... see more