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This is a set of interactive tutorials designed to teach the fundamentals of wave dynamics. It starts with very simple... see more

An electronic laboratory manual for introductory physics consisting of videos (on principles and laboratory procedure) in... see more

Demonstrates constructive and destructive interference.

Introductory explanation of basic mechanical wave properties. Hyperlinks provided to subtopics.

This is a complete tutorial on oscillatory motion, complete with extensive explanations and references. On the left side... see more

Introductory explanation on wave motion, with hyperlinks to subtopics.

This website is a tutorial for the study of mechanical waves.  It offers a great review on mechanical waves describing... see more

Extensive text explanation of the interference and diffraction of waves. Hyperlinks to subtopics included.

This is a tutorial about the wavelike behaviors of light.  The topics included the following: Lesson 1 - How Do We Know... see more

Introduction to a series of pages and applets illustrating basic properties of waves. Includes bibliography.