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Traces loss of civic virtue. Solutions.

Jewish farming experiments in the United States on the 1800's

History of Trenton, NJ Jewish community form 1850's to 1940's.

Live Science features groundbreaking developments in science, space, technology, health, the environment, our culture and... see more

This book investigates what international placements of healthcare employees in low resource settings add to the UK... see more

Starting Nov 12, 2018, in the Moving MOOC (MOMO), young scholars and early career researchers (ECR) will learn to use... see more

Vasiyetnamenin yerine getirilmesi davasında yetkili ve görevli mahkeme,vasiyetnamenin yerine getirilmesi yetkili... see more

Güveni kötüye kullanma suçu örnekleri YArgıtay kararları taranarak sizler için bir yazı haline getirilmiştir.10 farklı... see more

From the "About Us" link on the website: "The APA Style Blog is the official companion to the Publication Manual of the... see more

From the website: "I/O at Work helps to bridge the gap between I/O research and its application in the HR world (and... see more

From the website: World of Psychology is PsychCentral's primary blog, blogging about all things mental health,... see more

From the Behavioral Blogging website: "South Austin Psychologist, Sandy Andrews, PhD. uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy... see more

This web page from the APA's Psych Learning Curve offers a brief, compelling description of one I/O psychologist's job... see more

This folder contains a prompt for a research proposal, scaffolded exercises to create a proposal over the course of a... see more

Act 8 of the 2005 Special Session of the Hawai‘i State Legislature (Act 8) established the Hawai‘i 2050 Task Force (Task... see more

Hawai‘i has been blessed with consistent rainfall, advantageous geology, and high quality drinking water stores for... see more

This article explores the Hawaii’s food system, how we fit into a larger food production picture and what people can do... see more

Collection of info-graphics to teach statistics. 

CRedit (Contributor Roles Taxonomy) is high-level taxonomy including 14 roles, that can be used to represent the roles... see more

The Open Data Barometer (ODB) is a global measure of how government and publishing are using Open Data for... see more

AfricArxiv is a free, open access, interdisciplinary preprint & postprint service for dissemination, distribution, and... see more

Some of the most challenging decisions in coastal management stem from the relationship between people and the... see more

Set in a real organisational setting, this study examines the challenges of implementing environmentally sustainable... see more