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This photographic e-book is a collection of Individuals' Identities through netnographic approach. People from all over... see more

Social workers work in government agencies, hospitals, schools, and private practices to help people in need. They... see more

Social workers help their clients function better in society. Some social workers help individuals or families identify... see more

Discover our list of 2019's best online MSW programs that are CSWE accredited based on class type, GRE requirements,... see more

Most people drawn to a career in social work have a desire to help those in need. Social workers serve the community by... see more

Careers in social work provide opportunities to help people, but what does a social worker do? Find out more about being... see more

This book takes a different approach. Rather than present students with a broad, novice-level introduction to geography,... see more

When you think of geography do you think about memorizing capitals, rivers, mountains, and states or coloring maps?... see more

Most individuals define geography as a field of study that deals with maps, yet this definition is only partially... see more

The Open Journal System (OJS) by the Public Knowledge Project (PKP) is a Free Open Source Software (FOSS) system... see more

to celebrate Open Education Week, CCCOER held a 45-minute webinar where faculty in a specific discipline will discuss the... see more

This set of instructor-focused ancillary materials was created under a Round Eleven Mini-Grant for Ancillary Materials... see more

This open course with a new set of ancillary materials for OpenStax Psychology was created under a Round Eleven... see more

This open course with a new set of ancillary materials for OpenStax Psychology was created under a Round Eleven... see more

This new set of classroom activities for OpenStax American Government was created under a Round Eleven Mini-Grant for... see more

Esta reflexión propone como objetivo principal establecer una comparación entre el condicionamiento clásico y el... see more

Análisis de materiales fundamentales sobre el reforzamiento de la conducta y control de estímulos así como las técnicas... see more

ChinaXiv is an open repository and distribution service for scientific researchers in the field of natural science, which... see more

En esta obra el lector podrá encontrar una serie de recomendaciones para la evaluación, el diagnóstico y el tratamiento... see more

Conceptos básicos de Teorías y Filósofos pertenecientes a la Filosofía de la Ciencia. Este material está dirigido a... see more

Networking Minds for Open Innovation, Solving Complex Problems (video), When you unleash the power of diverse points of... see more

The Creating a Research Space [C.A.R.S.] Model was developed by John Swales based upon his analysis of journal... see more

"Geography is a diverse discipline that has some sort of connection to most every other academic discipline. This... see more