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Defend Dissent is an introduction to cryptography paired with the social impacts of surveillance and the protective... see more

An OER research methods textbook for undergraduate courses.

This is my OER guide to very basic concepts of basic social statistics. Note that this is not designed to be a... see more

This text provides a selection of readings across a wide swath of police topics. It is designed for a second course in... see more

This textbook will be made available for free to the scholarly community as an OER criminal investigations textbook.

This text contains the heavily abridged and edited versions of important court cases centered on the Fourth Amendment.

This text contains the heavily abridged and edited versions of important court cases centered on the constitutional law... see more

Attorney Jason Moore is a Criminal Defense Lawyer based in Farmville, VA. He works with Price Benowitz and focuses his... see more

Gain a better understanding of how poverty impacts individuals health promotion and healthcare decisions to provide more... see more

Human-wildlife interactions are occurring at an unprecedented scale and intensity. One factor driving this trend, is the... see more

Cybercrime is a growing, global problem. Whether you are a small business, a Fortune 500 company, buying your first... see more

Each year, while countless species are driven closer to extinction, criminals make billions from the sale of protected... see more

Whether firearms are used as an instrument of violent crimes, as a tool to project or perpetuate power, an illegal... see more

In recent years there have been few topics garnering as much widespread interest as trafficking in persons and smuggling... see more

Education plays a key role in preventing crime and promoting a culture of lawfulness that supports human rights and... see more

Education should be a fundamental area of work of any effective crime prevention strategy. Organized crime, in... see more

Building a culture of lawfulness starts with strengthening our ethical values and the ability to act upon them. To that... see more

Corruption is one of the most serious global threats of our time. It has disastrous effects on the economy and... see more

Terrorism continues to present a serious threat to international peace and security, affecting many UN Member States,... see more

These exercises were written to accompany a course in critical thinking. Everything starts with a question so it's... see more

This ground-breaking collection of essays examines the scope and consequences of digital vigilantism – a phenomenon... see more

Introduction to Corrections - An Open Educational Resources Publication by Taft College.

Community and the Justice System - An Open Educational Resources Publication by Taft College.