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The National Institute of Corrections hosts a wealth of information for anyone in criminal corrections, by "providing... see more

This article addresses the administrative issue of achieving satisfactory enrollment numbers in order to avoid canceling... see more

This class examines the relationship between a number of mind-altering substances and cultural processes. We look at the... see more

TV programs such as "Law and Order" show how forensic experts are called upon to give testimony that often determines the... see more

Presents three illustrative case studies to reinforce basic concepts and principles of terrorism preparedness and... see more

This unit looks at the issues of order and disorder. Can the way these issues are represented change your view of a city?... see more

How big an impact does CCTV have on your life? This unit provides the opportunity to listen to an argument surrounding... see more

‘Tough on the causes of crime.’ A famous phrase, but what is crime? This unit examines how we as a ‘society’ define... see more

This course examines the contemporary problem of political violence and the way that human rights have been conceived as... see more

Does prison work and what purpose does it serve? This unit allows you to listen to a discussion surrounding the purpose... see more

This document describes a model program for police handling of crisis incidents such as mental health problems. The... see more

Prepared by the Florida Department of Education, this 24-page pdf document details the curriculum for the training and... see more

As discussed, the murder rates for Blacks in the United States are substantially higher than those for Whites, with... see more

This article, created by Gary M. Klass of Illinois State University, contains practical information on teaching... see more

From the National Center for Optics and Photonics Education (OP-TEC) and Dr. Chrys Panayiotou of Indian River State... see more

Serving as a sworn officer of the law continues to be one of the most demanding professions in the country, and those in... see more

Published by Loss Prevention Magazine, this website provides free access to feature articles from the current issue of... see more

Picture Projects, a company specializing in media documentaries, produced; this specialization gives the... see more

Security Management Online is a website created for the Security Professional field. The site is filled with current... see more

Provided by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), this 66-page �problem-oriented guide for police� is number 11 of... see more

Created by, this page explores Benford's Law: "For naturally occurring data, the digits 1 through 9 do not... see more

DeafTEC provides this resource with strategies and ideas for improving the classroom environment in a mainstreamed... see more

DeafTEC provides this resource with strategies and ideas for communicating with students in a mainstreamed classroom with... see more

DeafTEC provides this page with sample lectures given to�mainstreamed classrooms with a mix of hearing, deaf and... see more