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1-24 of 161 results for MERLOT Materials is a platform dedicated to making early versions of research inputs available, including original research... see more

The SeaWIFS project uses space technology to study phytoplankton. Site contains: The Living Ocean Teacher's Guide, a... see more

The Simplified Image Management and Processing Learning Environment for Science (SIMPLE Science) aims to create resources... see more

This portal provides links to selected United States Geological Survey (USGS) educational resources that may be useful to... see more

This data warehouse for the Great Basin, Sierra Nevada and Lake Tahoe areas includes: LANDSAT, SPOT and ASTER data;... see more

Ocean Planet is now an archival version of the 1995 Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibition which is no longer on... see more

The NASA Oceanography site contains information on missions, projects and partners; links to a remote sensing site with... see more

This site contains the archive for Pulse of the Planet, which provides its listeners with a two-minute sound portrait of... see more

This collection of maps shows federally-owned lands and Indian reservations in the U.S. and in individual states. The... see more

Web page of the world's largest living coral reef aquarium, provides information for visitors, exhibit information,... see more

This site offers educators information, resources, and links for promoting academic achievement and environmental... see more

This site from Bigelow Labs helps you find and use web-based earth science data and information. Content is arranged by... see more

Scientists and educators have joined forces to create this collection of teaching materials on El Nino, storms, the... see more

This site offers an extensive collection of links to sites about water, life, and agriculture in the American West. Some... see more

These ten lessons on various navigation topics from the Institute of Navigation include an introduction to navigation,... see more

The complete legislation regarding United States coastal zone management. Included in the Act is the establishment of the... see more

This resource explains how the oceans became salty. Topics include the source of the salt, how rainwater dissolves rock... see more

This resource describes the rocky intertidal habitats of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and their biological... see more

Map of NOAA's various research laboratories across the United States. Click on each acronym to explore the 15 different... see more

The Bishop Museum in Honolulu houses a diverse array of exhibits focusing on the natural and cultural history of the... see more

This interactive lesson introduces students to issues of biodiversity in Chesapeake Bay. It features background... see more

On the Pacific Northwest an oceanic tectonic plate (Juan de Fuca) is being pulled and driven (subducted) beneath the... see more

The SAGUARO project CD-ROM features three learning modules that use GIS to learn about earth system science. The three... see more

This site by a Norwegian researcher features descriptions of marine geological formations: pockmarks, mud volcanoes,... see more