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In this activity, presented by the Lane Community College MAPS GIS Program, students "are led through a series of steps... see more

This tool from the United States Geological Survey provides an easy way to navigate a variety of data sets including... see more

Located in Seattle, Washington, PMEL carries out interdisciplinary scientific investigations in oceanography and... see more

This web page, authored by the United State Census Bureau, contains statistics about the current population. Some of... see more

From the Virginia Community College Geospatial Portal (GeoTEd), this Word document provides a brief summary for a 101... see more

This document provides a brief summary for a 102 level GIS course. A course description, the general purpose of the... see more

This landscape and environmental planning workshop investigates and propose a framework for the enhancement, development... see more

This page from the GeoTech Center provides a link to an introductory textbook on Geographic Information Systems, or GIS.... see more

In this activity, students will refer to a graph of hydraulic measures of water for the state of Maine to gather and... see more

This site presents the geophysics of the eruption and formation of geysers. The site lists the requirements for geysers... see more

This post on the AmericaView Blog describes accessing Landsat data and using it in the ArcGIS program. The post includes... see more

Acid precipitation will be defined. At different points in the lesson students will write balanced reactions for the... see more

This is the homepage of Alaska's geological and geophysical survey, the agency responsible for collecting and... see more

This comprehensive site is an introduction to sea ice: what it is, how it forms, how it is studied, how it affected... see more

This comprehensive site is an introduction to sea ice: what it is, how it forms, how it is studied, how it affected... see more

This National Snow and Ice Data Center website presents a variety of general information about snow. It includes a... see more

This website, created by the United State Census Bureau, presents statistics regarding population, housing, economics and... see more

This radio broadcast discusses how scientists' views of global warming have changed since the subject first emerged some... see more

This resource discusses Differential Global Positioning Systems (DGPS), and why they were developed. It provides a brief... see more

From Foothill College and the Using a Web-Based GIS to Teach Problem-Based Science in High School and College project,... see more

An all inclusive introduction to the ocean sciences. The site includes information on habitats, oceanic fauna,... see more

In this lesson students will describe global spatial patterns of human development using HDI rankings. Students will... see more

This interactive lesson from NOVA Online shows how the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami was triggered, how its waves traveled... see more