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An OER research methods textbook for undergraduate courses.

State Euthanasia of Life Unworthy of Life in Nazy Germany of infirm and mentally ill, totalling 70,000 humans.

civic responsibility will save our liberties

Description of growth of political party formation in the US.

Rose Zimbardo and Philip Zimbardo have created a series of essays that illuminate the character of mythical and real... see more

First issued in 1976, the State of Black America® is one of the most highly-anticipated benchmarks and sources for... see more

In recent years there have been few topics garnering as much widespread interest as trafficking in persons and smuggling... see more

Education plays a key role in preventing crime and promoting a culture of lawfulness that supports human rights and... see more

Education should be a fundamental area of work of any effective crime prevention strategy. Organized crime, in... see more

Corruption is one of the most serious global threats of our time. It has disastrous effects on the economy and... see more

Terrorism continues to present a serious threat to international peace and security, affecting many UN Member States,... see more

Political theory on erosion of patriotism.

Civil Engineering 2020 study of US infrastructive. Graing elements a proposing US has a 6 trillion dollar deficit.

In this section of the U.S. Museum of Diplomacy, you can dive into some of the most frequently asked questions about... see more

The diplomacy simulation program allows high school and college students, as well as educators, to step into the shoes of... see more

Teach students about sharecropping by providing context to the situation. Review slavery, the 13th amendment, and discuss... see more

Partner Only Material

This week Craig is going to give you a broad overview of elections in the United States.

These exercises were written to accompany a course in critical thinking. Everything starts with a question so it's... see more

The goal of these exercises is to introduce students to the analysis of political and social divisions in American... see more

I have produced a series of introductory undergraduate lectures on the subject of feminism and gender: the first... see more

South African History Online (SAHO), established 1998, is one of the largest and most comprehensive online, open access... see more